Webinar on Strategizing Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships

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Date Apr 16, 2019
Time 12:00 pm EDT
Cost $159.00
Your employees will always have differences of opinion but it's important to handle those differences in a positive and smart way. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to handle difficult conversations while minimizing conflict and tension.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  •  Improve your conflict-resolution skills
  •  Managing difficult conversations in the workplace
  •  Discuss what matters most with co-workers and employees in a non-confrontational manner
As leaders, it’s vital that you know how to handle difficult conversations while minimizing conflict and tension.
Join this session, where expert speaker Joel Garfinkle will discuss effective communication in the workplace and how to avoid damaging the working relationships that are so important to your success.
Senior Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents
Regional Managers
Managers and Supervisors
Newly Promoted Managers
High Potential Employees
Executive directors
Managing directors
HR managers
Team Leaders
Joel Garfinkle has 20 years of speaking experience as both keynote speaker and corporate trainer. He has written 7 books and 300+ articles on leadership, workplace issues and career advancement.
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