Leading Through Conflict: Practical Strategies to Build Conflict Competent Teams

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Date May 2, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
In this webinar, participants will learn conflict management leadership. Participants will examine their own conflict styles and those they lead.
In addition, the various types of conflict that exist will be looked at and strategies leaders can use for dealing with conflict in the workplace will be discussed. Special attention will be given to conflict on teams, between departments and other outside organizations a leader may have to deal with. During the webinar, an overview of group dynamics will be presented and how this affects the likelihood of conflict on work teams.
While conflict can be destructive, it also has benefits. It is these benefits that leaders must tap into in order to create high performing teams. Finally, participants will learn the strategies of becoming a conflict competent leader. Various techniques will be presented to help leaders negotiate, resolve and manage conflict.
Leaders face conflict on a regular basis when directing teams, managing change and communicating within and outside their organizations. After attending this webinar, participants will understand that conflict is a natural part of life and that organization requires conflict competent leaders that are able to manage and resolve conflict.
Conflict management is a core competency of being a leader.
  • Conflict styles
  • Dynamics of conflict
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • Team and group dynamics
  • Reaching consensus
  • Conflict management leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
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