Power of Prioritization: How to Protect Your Time and Get More Done

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Date May 14, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Every one of us has 24 hours a day to use as we choose. The question is whether or not we use that time effectively. Successful leaders know how to prioritize work and complete what’s most important. They are laser-focused on executing work that has the most impact. They know effective time management strategies and how to take back time by utilizing time blocking, delegation, and saying no to anything that gets in the way of high priority tasks.
At the beginning of each day, week, and month, do you know the most important things you need to accomplish to achieve maximum impact?
In this life-transforming webinar, Joel Garfinkle, one of America’s top executive coaches, will teach you how to use prioritization skills to manage your time instead of letting time manage your life. He will teach you how to prioritize work according to what’s most important, and explain the five steps you should take before saying no – including the specific statements and phrases to use.
Garfinkle will teach you delegation principles and benefits, and show you how to: block your time, eliminate meetings, and stop short-term urgent daily tasks from getting in the way of your top priorities.
This session will help you:
  • In prioritizing tasks in the workplace according to what is most important. 
  • Block out your calendar for the most important tasks. 
  • Improve productivity through time management skills and delegation.
  • Eliminate, delegate, and have fewer meetings. 
  • Stop short-term urgent daily tasks from getting in the way of your top priorities. 
  • Learn the value of “no.” 
Primary issues addressed in this webinar:
  • Saying No
    • Learn five steps to take before saying “No”
    • Eight specific statements and phrases to use when saying no
  • Delegating
    • Learn why people don’t delegate and the benefits of delegation
    • Delegation principles
  • Prioritizing
    • How to organize, prioritize and execute your task list
    • Learn how to move from unimportant/low value tasks to focusing on what is most important.
    • Do an exercise that helps you define your most important tasks
  • Blocking Time
    • Learn the importance of time blocking
    • Do an exercise that teaches you effective time management strategies
  • Eliminate Meetings
    • Attending too many meetings limits productivity
    • Review your meetings, rank them in order of importance and identify the one’s that can be eliminated
    • Eight rules for attending a meeting
The number one source for productivity is prioritization. It’s a process that successful leaders use to assure that they are focused on the right things, and so can you.
After attending this webinar, you will understand the power of prioritization and will be able to make better decisions, perform effectively under pressure, and understand how to simplify complex issues.
  • Senior Vice Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Regional Managers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Newly Promoted ManagersHigh Potential Employees 
  • Executive directors
  • Managing directors
  • HR managers 
  • Team Leaders
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