Lean Inventory Initiatives for an Effective Supply Chain

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Date May 22, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Very often, lean supply chain management professionals are asked to “reduce” inventory based upon working capital goals and financial objectives. This program will address the balance between managing your finished goods in order to meet customer service and delivery goals versus the working capital objectives.
This program will take a supply chain view of lean inventory management. Through sound lean initiatives, financial objectives can be reached while maximizing customer satisfaction and service.
Attend this webinar to learn about the characteristics of lean supply chain and how to synchronize the supply chain to ensure all types of inventory are properly managed.
  • Different types of inventory and how you should classify finished goods inventory (FGI) for lean supply chain management
  • How to establish targets for optimizing inventory
  • Lean initiatives to help drive the optimal finished goods inventory levels in each type
This program will provide tools and different initiatives that can be employed to help optimize inventory turns and, therefore, inventory investment. Some ideas, such as postponement strategies, will be explored as options to ensure that a clear balance of financial investment and inventory coverage levels are well maintained and managed.
We will concentrate on Finished Goods as the driver for all lean inventory management.
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Financial Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts
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