5 Potential Ways to Boost your Municipal Credit Rating

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Date Jan 30, 2020
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Build your municipality's credit rating through best practices from PFM Solutions LLC and PFM, one of the nation’s leading independent financial and investment advisors (“For more information regarding PFM’s services or entities, please visit www.pfm.com”).

During the webinar, we will discuss best practices around long-term planning, fund balance allocation and management, and rating agency metrics and expectations. With changing economic conditions and a looming uncertainty, now is a good time for municipalities to focus on potential measures for shoring up their credit rating.
During the webinar we will be joined by Chris Bamber from PFM Financial Advisors LLC, who will be discussing his experience with credit rating agencies and what potential ways that effective long-range planning can be used to help improve your standing.
One of our main talking points during the webinar will be how to maintain a fiscally conservative budget while addressing municipal challenges. This approach, however, usually gives an inaccurate impression of a local government’s future projection, so we will also cover how to create long term plans that convey growth while addressing budgetary concerns.
One way to weather both short term expenses and long-term challenges is by maintaining a healthy and accessible fund balance. We will cover what credit rating agencies typically view as an appropriate fund balance as well as the important ratios and metrics in seeking to track to make sure your fund balance aligns with agency guidelines.
Learn how you could potentially boost your municipal credit rating by signing up for the webinar through the provided link!


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