How to use the crowd to boost your innovation

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jan 16, 2020
Time 07:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
HYVE webinars have established themselves as a real tool for knowledge sharing and professional exchange. In this format we devote one hour of attention to basics, latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the areas of innovation, artificial intelligence, crowdsoucing, service design, innovation research and innovation design.

About the webinar
How does successful crowdsourcing work? In this webinar Niclas Kröger talks about opportunities and challenges of crowdsourcing and shares with you his many years of experience, best practices and lessons learned.

The content
  • Insights from 200+ ongoing Crowd contests and innovation challenges
  • Discovering brilliant ideas without creativity problems by running own HYVE Crowd contests
  • Hands-on advice related to open innovation challenges
  • We answer all your questions about how to leverage your crowdsourcing contest
  • BONUS: Free document on how to start running your own contests TODAY


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