Learn how People Analytics can grow your business !!!

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 6, 2020
Time 06:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
Learn how businesses today are transforming employee performance and significantly decreasing the risk of employee attrition with people analytics.

Signup here to attend: http://www.pmaps.in/webinar/people-analytics-webinar/

This Webinar shall answer your questions such as –
  • From What to Why about People Analytics
  • What is Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning?
  • Know Data Analysis and different Methods of analyzing data?
  • What are the different steps in Predictive Analytics?
  • How to perform attrition analysis quickly in a more scientific way?
  • How to predict the performance of your employees?
  • How to make data-based decisions than intuitive based decisions?
Also, by the end of this webinar, participants shall be receiving the ‘PMaps Predictive Code’ free for practice.


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