Essentials for M&A Success - The Impact Of Leadership Effectiveness on Deal Outcomes

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Date Apr 3, 2020
Time 11:00 PM EDT
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Many deals still fall short of meeting established success criteria, in spite of frequent acquirers improving how they go about it. Debate continues about the right things to measure, and over what time period, to determine whether or not a deal is successful. Putting these debates aside, the typical things that go wrong in unsuccessful deals can be traced back to human factors.

Acquirers continue to underestimate the time, complexity, and cost of getting human beings to do what needs to be done, and generally leave it too late to address these issues effectively. Failure to articulate and effectively communicate deal rationale/strategy and what this means for the future, along with underinvestment in leadership capability and culture management, impact heavily on M&A execution.

Karen Isely, Founder of Isely Associates International, will share the results of her groundbreaking research. She will provide practical and implementable advice about preparing business leaders and organizations for M&A transactions.
Join us for Essentials for M&A Success – The Impact of Leadership Effectiveness on Deal Outcomes on April 3rd at - (mention time)
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Questions we’ll answer during the webinar:

1. What is the link between people's experiences and deal outcomes?
2. What are the factors that predict people's experiences in deals?
3. Why focus on M&A fundamentals: Clarity, Capability, and Execution?
4. What are the leadership capabilities that drive people’s experiences in deals?
5. Which are the most effective ways for organizations to prepare for deal success?

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