The Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader: Turning Crisis & Uncertainty Into Opportunity & Legacy

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Date Apr 1, 2020
Time 11:15 am ET
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Speaker: Jeff Morris Founder and Chief DreamMaker, DreamSmart Academy, LLC

There are leaders; there are good leaders; then there is the Behaviorally SuperPowered Leader. Crisis, uncertainty, doubt, fear, and gray zones are a part of the leadership kaleidoscope. COVID-19 is disrupting the world. It is dramatically altering how people live, interact and do business. DreamSmart Academy has studied how people, families, and workplaces behave when stressed, during times of crisis and uncertainty for more than a decade. We understand "who we are" shows up when stressed, in times of crisis and uncertainty. Behavior Matters, EVERYWHERE & ALWAYS!

Behaviorally SuperPowered Leaders thrive in times of crisis, uncertainty, the impossible, and the improbable. They demonstrate leadership through an understanding of their unique behavioral talents. They effectively communicate, manage behavioral differences, focus on the crisis at hand, all while steering a family, team, or organization toward their "imagined" future.

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