Keep Calm (about your finances) and Carry On!

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Date May 14, 2020
Time 09:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
In a time of crisis understanding cash flow is key, but where do you start, and how can you start planning for the difficult road ahead?

About this Event

"Keep calm and carry on" was the motivational poster used by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II. This generations' war on a virus has already taken the lives of thousands of people globally and will impact us all in one way or another, especially financially.

We're doing our bit to help where we can and in this free Lunch & Learn session you'll be able to answer these key questions:

"How do I prepare myself financially for such uncertain times" or "How can I make the most out of my extra savings". Either all, you're asking yourself where do I start?

Whilst we can't control what the future holds, we can make sure we feel in control of our finances. Today, money management is more confusing and complex than ever before and it's only getting harder. What you will learn from this session:
  1. How to take stock of everything you own financially.
  2. Budget Baby! Track transactions across all of your accounts to see a holistic view of your spending habits and set a personalised budget.
  3. From there you can set goals and link them to your accounts so you can keep on top of them, whether it's saving for a deposit for a house, putting money away for the kids or reducing debt.
You can stop worrying about your money, keep calm and carry on!

We've partnered with Deliveroo so that you can do your bit too to support the local small businesses that keep our economy going . You'll hear more about it at the conclusion of the session.

About your facilitators: Elena Omidzadeh and Michael Sik:

Elena is a Wealth Portal guru at FinPeak Advisers, and like yourself, has far more interests in life than worrying about her finances. She cares about using money as a tool to do the things in life that are important to her. "It's simple. Once you know your spending habits, you can structure a budget and plan so you don't have to hit pause on doing what you love." But without being aware of what money is coming in and out on the day to day, money will limit your lifestyle.

Michael Sik is a financial adviser and founder of FinPeak Advisers. He noticed in the financial planning space there was a 'cookie-cutter' pattern to advice. FinPeak was built to deliver tailored advice that aligns with your values and lifestyle. We are given your story, we present choices and together we work through to a solution.


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