Free Webinar: Business Continuity in the COVID-19 era

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Date Apr 30, 2020
Time 03:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
​The COVID-19 pandemic presents a serious threat to people, businesses, and economies across the world. Gartner’s recent Business Continuity Survey shows just 12% of organizations are highly prepared for the impact of Coronavirus. Smart leaders must focus on how they can best protect their people, serve their customers, and stabilize business continuity.
During times of crisis, business operations—the intelligence engine of an organization—are more important than ever. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are being tested by rapidly evolving challenges, such as travel restrictions, and as large-scale remote working becomes a reality.
Just 12% - of organizations are highly prepared for the impact of Coronavirus, according to Gartner’s recent Business Continuity Survey.
32% - of senior executives rarely update their operating model, according to initial data from an ongoing Intelligent Operations survey by Accenture and Oxford Economics.
In this interesting webinar, our inhouse expert - Mr. Narendra Sahoo shall in a very practical way cover:
1.      What are the lessons learned from the COVID 19 scenario which forced almost every company to scuttle up a BCP
2.      Top 5 Information Security Threats opened up by the sudden departure from traditional
3.      Top 5 approaches to a secure and effective Work from Home
4.      Managing compliance to standards such as PCI DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR in this scenario
5.      Approach to conducting remote assessments as approved by PCI Council and AICPA.
 With every one of us forced into remote working and on-the-fly Business Continuity approaches, this webinar holds something for every one of us. There will be live QnA to tackle any of your queries.


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