Plan Today for the Employees You Will Hire Tomorrow: Employment Brand Marketing

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 7, 2020
Time 3:00 pm ET
Cost $100.00
A bad hire can cost your business money, time, and your great company culture. Attracting your RIGHT FIT employee with employment brand marketing will ensure that you have the team you need to accomplish your business goals.

You may not be thinking about hiring right now, but some day, hopefully soon, your business will be in ramp up mode. When that happens, will you have the time and energy to sort through hundreds of applications from people who aren't right for your company. Will you even know what right looks like?

By executing an Employment Brand Marketing Today- you will make future hiring easier.  Attract your dream applicants, and have a better idea of who you want to hire with this Webinar presented by Zephyr Recruiting's Erin Longmoon and Lauren Ghazikhanian.

With a combined 35 years experience helping small businesses grow and flourish, Erin and Lauren will walk you through what you need to know and to today, to attract your RIGHT FIT employee tomorrow.

About this Webinar:

•90 minute interactive learning experience
•Learn what Employment Brand Marketing is and why you need it
•Learn what you need to do now to start attracting your RIGHT FITᵀᴹ employee
•Receive easy to use tools you can put to use right away and for the years ahead
•Start your own EBM program as you learn
•Get your questions answered


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