Accelerating Growth through People Engagement

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Date Aug 27, 2020
Time 3:00pm ET (12:00pm PT)
Cost Free
In a competitive talent marketplace, engaging your people isn’t optional — it’s an essential strategy for retaining your top talent and helping them do their best work.

While there are employees who are engaged by their jobs, many describe themselves as “actively disengaged.” In fact, according to recent Gallup research, we are facing a “worldwide employee engagement crisis,” with engagement levels currently sitting at a mere 13%.

This lack of engagement has a significant cost. According to one study, the cost of disengagement is 34% of an average employee’s salary.

On the flip side, research has shown that engaged employees can help drive sales, boost morale and keep their teams aligned to achieve incredible goals. For example, one study showed that engaged employees generate 20% more in sales and 21% more in profitability.

In other words, engaging your employees works. And if you’re looking to accelerate your company’s growth, it can provide a powerful access for doing so.

Yet, in spite of companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on leadership development initiatives, employee engagement rates have remained consistently low. This begs the question: What’s missing? What actually drives employee engagement?

During this 60-minute webinar, Vanto Group Senior Consultant, Ruy Castelan, will cover:
  • What actually drives employee engagement?
  • How to create the kind of employee engagement that provides a foundation for accelerated growth
  • What is your access to ongoingly generate engagement among your employees?
  • Examples and case studies from Vanto Group’s clients

Vanto Group is a boutique global consulting firm that has been pioneering the field of organizational transformation for almost 30 years.

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