Neilsoft Webinar on Healthcare Design: Strategies for Better Infection Control in Hospitals

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Date Aug 26, 2020
Time 0 9:00 AM - 09:45 AM CDT and 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PDT
Cost Free
Every pandemic or epidemic in the past has had a profound influence in shaping the built environment of the hospitals. Infection control has always been at the core of healthcare design, to ensure functional and safe facility infrastructure & management of Hospitals. Designers & planners have consistently learnt & grown to design for better infection control.

Then, why is it that the Covid-19 epidemic has led to a significant impact on our community’s trust in the safety of hospitals. We think this is because the Covid-19 situation has effectively brought forth the challenges faced by our healthcare system and the need for immediate incorporation of already existing or in some cases new innovative infection control related design ideas. Addressing these urgent requisites for upgradation, will ensure our healthcare facilities are better prepared for a similar scenario in the near future / second wave of the pandemic / later in the future.

We believe, now is the time to rethink our approach of designing our healthcare facilities; predominantly focusing on robust space planning, reconfigurability, enhanced integration of technology and better preparedness for an emergency, eventually aspiring to achieve enhanced capacity, modularity and better infection control.
Keeping in line with the above thought, Neilsoft invites you for a discourse on Design Strategies for Better Infection Control in Hospitals. The session will briefly touch upon the following topics, with further elaborations wherever required:
Better Preparation
  • Benefits of Smaller Decentralized Hospitals
  • Using tools such Generative Design / BIM for faster and
    efficient Design & Construction
  • Possibility of Capacity Enhancement with Scalable and Modular Design
How can Design help in preventing the spread of Infections?
  • Reimagining Waiting Zones and Reconsidering - First Resort for Infected Patients
  • Exploring Low Touch / No Touch Design
  • Role of a carefully planned
    Specialized HVAC System
How can Technology help us with Infection Control?
  • Concept of a Networked Healthcare System
  • Integration of IoT and the Impact of Telehealth
Neilsoft’s Experiences in the Healthcare Design Domain
  • Highlights of our Learnings from Healthcare Projects in different regions for various Architects and Consultants
  • Case Studies on specific aspects of Healthcare Design


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