From Sustainability to Regeneration - Climate Week NYC Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 25, 2020
Time 06:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
How do we shake off the shackles of late-stage capitalism so that we can create an economy where people and the planet can thrive together? Also, what’s the fastest way to help companies become carbon positive by 2030?

Join our panel of leaders to discuss the merits of building a Regenerative economy. Sustainability - with its focus on incremental change - can only take us so far in the era of earth overshoot. This is why Positive will support thousands of SMEs to carve a new path in building a net positive Regenerative economy. The positive model is based on four values; right relationship with nature; elevating human potential; empowering communities and places, and creating value for all. These values are anchored in indigenous principles- and doing no harm. This represents a shift towards a more values-based approach than the current sustainability focus - that is rooted in doing less bad. How can we incorporate the best sustainability practices - leaving behind those practices and habits that no longer serve us - as we embrace a more meaningful transition? How do we create an economy that is incentivized to do good?

We are also delighted to launch the Positive Movement and the release of the Positive Handbook providing SMEs with a practical guide to take meaningful action for a net positive impact. The guide supports companies to embrace radical transformation - inside and out with the support of the Positive “Compass”.

Positive is the social enterprise tasked with building a regenerative economy, and supporting changemaker businesses to make a net positive regenerative impact.


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