The top 5 secrets of world class negotiators - unlock your full potential as a negotiator in private life and business

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Date Nov 19, 2020
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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Negotiations are everywhere – not only in the business environment but also in private life, one is confronted with negotiations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people fear negotiations and try to avoid them at all costs – they fear 1) being rejected, 2) losing the deal, 3) their counterpart's opinion about them, 4) the power of the counterpart and many more. Being overtaken by our fear we tend to forget that negotiation genius is not born, it is grown. Everyone can become a negotiation genius!

The good news is – in our webinar we will reveal 5 secrets that will help you grow into this genius.

Whether it is to prepare your team for closing the best deal with a strong incumbent supplier, agreeing the terms and conditions of a new partnership, aligning with a difficult stakeholder or finding the right buyer for a new launched product – this webinar will support you to get the most out of every negotiation. By identifying common mistakes and revealing the secrets of a successful negotiation, a new level of negotiation skills can be reached independently of what the status quo is.

Above all, if you want to understand how successful negotiators operate, how they prepare themselves and their teams, how they use the so called “negotiation energy” and how they get what they want and close deals, our webinar will be the perfect starting point for you.

Who are we? TWS Partners is the only company globally which is exclusively and successfully using Nobel Prize-winning research results in the field of game theory to improve business performance.


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