Essential Metrics to Measure Accounts Receivable Health

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Date Feb 16, 2021
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $150.00
Every ERP system has its “canned” reports for AR status and results, as well as fairly sophisticated query capabilities to enable analyses of operational throughput and results. However, do these formats and analyses serve your informational needs giventhat your customer base/segments, products/services, market posture, policy, process, and IT capability are unique? Probably not. 
However, you can specify the metrics you need and prioritize them for activation. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to properly prioritize which metrics you need to best serve your individual organization’s needs. With the proper metrics, you will be better informed to monitor the management of this large asset. With the right analytics, you will be able to pinpoint opportunities to improve the customer experience, improve margins, cash flow and reduce cost.

Why Should You Attend
Do you currently understand the nature, risk profile, collectability, and other key  characteristics of your Accounts Receivable (AR) asset? How about the cost to manage it and the interest cost of excess, past due AR?

There are dozens of metrics applicable to the AR asset, but which are the essential  ones? By establishing measurement of the essential metrics, you will have visibility to the key metrics which reflect and drive income statement and balance sheet results. Afterwards, measurement of supporting metrics can be implemented  subject to budget and IT constraints. Finally, the “right” analytics will provide insight into key upstream (order fulfillment) and downstream (AR management)  processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

Don’t settle for what your ERP provider thinks are the key metrics.  Identify the ones that you need to manage your AR asset and related processes in your organization. 

Objectives of the Presentation 
 » To enable the attendee to understand the range of metrics to measure Accounts Receivable (AR) Health and to equip them to decide which are right for  their organization. This will be determined by the degree to which managing AR is a challenge, and the cost/time/feasibility of producing the metrics. It will also enable attendees to understand the relative importance of each metric.

Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Introduction
 » The Essential KPI’s
 » Efficiency KPI’s
 » Operational KPI’s
 » Analytics
 » Conclusion and Questions

Who Will Benefit 
Members of the Finance community responsible at some level, for managing a firm’s AR asset
 » CFO’s
 » Controller
 » Treasurers
 » Customer Financial Services Managers
 » Credit Managers
 » Sales
 » Customer Service Managers
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