How To Create A Psychologically Safe Team

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Date Apr 12, 2021
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Hey, Owners, Founders & Executives - if you have diversity, equity, and inclusion on your priority list for this year, but don't have an idea of where to start, this webinar is for you. On Monday, April 12th, at 11 am Eastern I'm co-hosting "How To Create A Psychologically Safe Team" - because psychological safety has to exist on your team before you can use equity and inclusion to unlock the power of diversity. 

What you can expect
Think about your last team meeting. How many people showed up? How many screens were turned on? How many people spoke?

If you think you have a “Zoom Fatigue” problem, think again. Sure, technology and working from home have worn us out, but the lack of visibility and participation may be signaling a much bigger and deeper issue - Psychological Safety.

Your organization has made DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) a top priority. This Webinar is to support you in making that crucial directive a reality. We’re talking about the first necessary step to creating an organizational culture that supports DEI - Psychological Safety.

In this guided Webinar, you will learn:

What’s Working and What's Not in DEI Strategies
The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety and What You Really Need to Pay Attention To
The Next Steps to Building Your Inclusive Leadership Strategy
Who is This Webinar For?

HR Professionals
People Managers
Inclusive Leaders
This Webinar will NOT be recorded to ensure psychological safety among our participants. A link to the Webinar will be sent to registered attendees 3 days from the event date.

About the Presenters - Lauren LeMunyan PCC & Wendy Dickinson ACC

Lauren LeMunyan PCC is a high-energy, result-generating coach who works with global C-suite executives, mid-level managers, and individual contributors.

As a Professional Certified Coach, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, Lauren has logged over 2200 coaching hours and will soon achieve a Master Certified Coach designation. She is also an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Resentment Release Master Practitioner, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner. Lauren graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Sociology and is fascinated and inspired by the people she encounters.

Prior to coaching, Lauren worked in nonprofit management and served as executive director of three international trade associations focused on the environment and financial products.

When Lauren isn’t working with clients, you can find her rapping with a Bluegrass-Americana band (she’s even been on CNN, Reuters, Al Jazeera, and The Washington Post for it!), hosting trivia, or getting crafty with crocheting or splatter painting.

Wendy Dickinson, ACC, is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, the expert guide among coaches and consultants, for thriving, viable businesses, who want to protect and cultivate their business legacy. Ascend offers high-impact resources that unlock the varied path to profitability and resiliency.

Ascend offers experts in organizational culture within government, and business settings - offering talent optimization tools, along with value-added, consciously profitable strategies to potential investors, future prospects, and strategic partners.

Wendy is a team player who has co-founded 3 companies, 1 of which was sold to a Fortune 1000. Wendy was raised with small business in her blood. She is from a family of makers, who made poor business owners.


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