Best practices for enterprise presales engagement

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 10, 2021
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

The Event is about

  • Product demos and Proof of Concepts (POCs).
  • In this webinar, we’re bringing two experts to cover the best practices of the two major milestones in the enterprise presales engagement process.
  • Product Demos are usually the first step towards a serious engagement with the prospective buyer. A well executed demo helps both buyers and sellers. Buyers get a better understanding of what the product is capable of, and sellers get to present the capabilities that fit the buyers’ requirements.
  • Traditional approaches to demos and POCs are no longer sufficient. We’ll discuss the validated best practices to help you improve your presales functions.
  • POCs further the engagement at a grander scale. A well executed POC helps achieve business and technical wins and moves both buyers and sellers towards the finish line.


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