The Surprising Science of Getting Un-Stuck

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Date Dec 15, 2021
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

The true root cause of entrepreneurial plateaus and a formula to dismantle them for good.

They claim all you need to do to ramp up progress is “manage your mindset.” They claim if you were just more focused, better at staying motivated, or a little more determined ... you’d be able to break through that plateau.

Not only is that insulting, but modern science shows they’re wrong.

Fact is, there’s a very real, biological reason why managing your mindset can feel literally impossible.

Learn the most effective way to spark behavior change, according to science—and why what you've tried hasn't worked well enough, long-term. Leave this workshop with proven skills to approach 2022 powerfully, with a level head.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How stress (and past trauma) impact present-day performance;
  • Innocent choices we make daily that reinforce the rut—and how to counteract them;
  • Why "mindset training” hasn’t been (and may not be) enough for YOU;
  • A simple formula to restore your ability to perform powerfully, even under stress


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