The Economics of Technology to Boost Travel Business Growth

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Date Jul 17, 2014
Time 12:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
travelnxt-live, to host a live webinar titled ‘The Economics of Technology to Boost Travel Business Growth.’ The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, 17th July, 14 at 1:30 PM EDT (USA) | 12:30 PM CDT (USA) | 11:30 AM MDT (USA) | 10:30 AM PDT (USA).

This is the 6th webinar in the series ‘deciphering travel technology,’ aimed to equip Travel Business Owners with an insight into the most efficient ways to budget for travel technology with respect to the diverse business models.

Join our Travel Technology Experts as they discuss in detail the different kinds of travel technology that business owners should consider choosing, along with the direct and indirect costs involved in making such a decision. The hour-long webinar will focus on simplifying this complex decision-making process, along with an overview of how your earnings and expenses get affected and how to plan for it in order to get the most out of your Travel Technology.

The aim of the webinar is to provide participants with actionable information so that they can evaluate the role and value of different types of travel software as a tool within their Travel Businesses and Agencies to boost their business growth.

The Key Highlights:
  1. How to budget for travel technology as your business model evolves, as a travel house?
  2. How to decide which kind of travel technology platform to choose and what are the direct and indirect costs of making such a decision?
  3. How to simplify the decision-making process? And
  4. How earnings and expenses get affected by making different choices?


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