Tax Delinquent Property -A Safe, Easy Way to Invest in Real Estate with a "Ridiculously" Simple System to Buy Very Low and Sell High

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Date Jul 24, 2014
Time 08:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Join me on this Special Presentation, where we are going to share with you a little known system to locate and purchase property, before it even goes to market or auction!

You will learn:

How to manipulate a database of 20 million+ highly motivated sellers, 7 times larger than the foreclosure database of 3 milliontax auction

How to consistently buy or control at firesale prices so you can sell at wholesale or retail

Guaranteed profits. Don’t even look at anything less than 200% profit

Why "Tax delinquents owners are the most motivated of all motivated sellers." You would be desperate too if you were about to lose your free and clear property to the tax sale

Take control of large numbers of property for only $1 each. Every type of property is tax delinquent, from lots, to houses, to hotels

Create transactions without lawyers, bankers, real estate agents or competition with only $1

System works anywhere, anytime, good or bad economy


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