Fast Company? How Heritage Link Brands Became the Largest Importer of Black Produced African Wine

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Date Sep 30, 2014
Time 06:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
The 'One Million Conscious Consumers' Economic Empowerment movement, proudly presents Heritage Link Brands, owned by Harvard Business School grads Selena and Khary Cuffe, to its growing community of consumers and corporations ready to support top quality Black-owned businesses.

In this webinar, you will get to learn about and buy from Heritage Link Brands (, the largest marketer/importer of Africa's Black-produced wines! With wines sold in close to 5,000 stores and restaurants, HLB has been featured on ABC, CBS and other national media outlets. Owner Selena Cuffe, member of The NEW EE, not only made history when she left a cush corporate career to integrate the South African wine industry, which had less than 2% Black ownership, in a country where 90% of the population is Black... she is making a difference. Her business creates jobs in America and empowers great family businesses across Africa. I enjoy HLB wines from the House of Mandela and Seven Sisters, two Black South African family wine companies. And, because of Selena and HLB, I get to help counter the ruins of apartheid, one luscious sip at a time.

Come to this webinar to meet a living legend, and buy an excellent product from an outstanding Black business that deserves your support. The products are available online, across the country in restaurants, bars, stores, and even on Broadway!

The NEW EE is committed to making Heritage Link Brands the next great American wine business. If you believe in that mission, come to this webinar and invite everyone you know!

See you there!

Maggie Anderson
One Million Conscious Consumers

ABOUT THE "SUPPORT MY BUSINESS NOW" WEBINARS: This is the second event of The NEW Empowerment Experiment's "Support My Business Now" webinar series. The NEW EE lives on the Big Marker ( platform, which enables us, as a community, to meet, interact with, and buy from the great Black-owned businesses that create jobs and role models. The "Support My Business Now" webinar series is the only place where consumers, groups, and corporations of all kinds can fulfill their desire and duty to find great Black businesses and help them grow... Live, direct, wherever you are, and real-time!

This free webinar will cover:
  • Meet Selena Cuffe, Owner and Co-Founder, Heritage Link Brands
  • See and "Sample" HLB products
  • Shop, Q&A


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