Tackle Your Credit Card Debt with Northstar Capital

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 20, 2013
Time 10:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Established in late 2011 Northstar Capital Consultancy have been involved in helping hundreds of clients become free from credit card debt.

Working in partnership with a London based legal and accountancy firm, we've helped clients with over £4 million of credit card debt, saving thousands in repayments and charges.

Our very first webinar will give you an insight in to who Northstar Capital are and how our services can help you or someone you know who is struggling with credit card debt.

We'll also look at:
  • How we FREEZE interest and charges on your account;
  • How you can be DEBT FREE within 12-15 months;
  • How the service maintains your credit score;

The webinar will be hosted by our Operations Director John Sullivan, who has spent the last 2 years clearing on average £8K per card. The webinar will feature a Q&A session, where your questions will be answered by John.

We understand the stress and worry that debt can cause and we understand that privacy and confidentiality are important. That's why the webinar will be completely anonymous, so other participants will be unable to see each other.

We're hosting two sessions on the same day, so that those who are unable to join us during the day may join us in the evening and equally, those who are unable to join in the evening may do so during the morning.

We hope to see you there. If you have any questions in the meantime regarding the webinar or our services, you can contact a member of our team on 0843 886 0058.

We'll leave you with a statistic...

If you have a debt of £10,000 with Barclaycard with standard APR at 29.9% and pay the minimum balance each month, it will take you approximately 30 years to clear that debt.

What could you do with that money in that time?


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