How You Can Profit from the Market Turmoil Ahead

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Date May 17, 2015
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $49
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Due to the potentially critical time in the markets and the economy, BERT DOHMEN will be hosting two very important upcoming webinars: one on the STOCK MARKET and the other on the GLOBAL ECONOMIES. Both webinars will discuss the very serious developments at this time and the possible impact on your investments.

With the major market indices reaching all-time highs recently, while economic data reveals a struggling economy, what lies ahead for the stock market and the global economies? Can this bull market persist through year-end? Will our economy experience a positive turnaround in the coming quarters? Is the market overvalued and due for a major correction?

These are some questions Bert Dohmen will analyze and reveal his insight on in his upcoming webinars.

This will be a rare opportunity to get Bert Dohmen’s analysis and forecasts first hand on the following topics in the first (STOCK MARKET) webinar on May 14th through May 17th:

  • The major driving force in the stock market of last 6 years.
  • Is the “Mother of all Bubbles” forming?
  • Why “bad is good” and “good is bad” right now?
  • The major bullish and bearish forces this year.
  • A major stock market cycle and what it says now Should you fear a market crash soon?
  • If the Fed hikes interest rates, would that be bearish or bullish for stocks and bonds?
  • What these crosscurrents mean for your investments and how to use them to your advantage?

The GLOBAL ECONOMIES webinar will be hosted starting on June 11th, 2015. Stay tuned for further details to be announced in early June.

Both webinars will be of great value to your investments and are surely not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you attend!



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