Free Webinar: Implementing a Win/Loss Intelligence Program

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 11, 2016
Time 12-1pm (central time zone)
Cost Free
Implementing a Win/Loss Intelligence Program enables organizations to access the minds of their buyers. Existing customers and lost prospect intelligence can be leveraged by numerous stakeholders in an organization to allow more focused and concise strategic and tactical decision-making. Other internal stakeholders such as Product Managers and the Sales function can also significantly benefit from this intelligence within their own activities, including new product development, and impact customer retention rates and lost prospect re-engagement tactical initiatives. 

Most Win/Loss Intelligence vendors that exist today could also greatly benefit by taking this course with its proven methodology, deliverables, and track record of success with large and small businesses. In a marketplace where buyers are limited, organizations struggle to gain a greater mind share within, and a wallet share from their existing accounts and lost prospects. 

This webinar will teach an organization how to implement a baseline intelligence foundation in which the information and intelligence is strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and repeatable. The webinar then proceeds to build the intelligence program on top of that foundation covering all aspects needed for a successful program. If you have an existing intelligence program, and those five pillars don’t all exist in that program, this webinar is a must.


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