Set modern budgeting process (Language: Vietnamese)

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 30, 2016
Time 09:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
If there’s a way to help you cut 1/3 budgeting time, whether you are applying?
If there’s a way to help you remove inaccurate information, whether you believe it?
If there’s a way to help you simplify the budgeting process, if you want to try it?

Join webinar “Budgeting modern process” now, you will see how technology can help you:
– Reduce data collection time
– Limit errors when collecting data or inaccurate data from excel spreadsheet
– Simplify the browser – no budget approval
– Query the authenticity of the input
– Budget planning under the various schemes

Time & How to participate
Time: Thursday, 06.30.2016, 15:00 from – 16h00
Location: Online
Presenter: Chau Minh Thien – Project Management
Language: Vietnamese

Business Director, CEO.
Director / Chief Financial Officer, Financial Management, Chief Accountant
Director / Head of the departments in the enterprise

Chau Minh Thien – Project Management in TRG International, has 5 years of experience in consulting and implementing performance management solutions to enterprises in the country as well as abroad.

For more informationa, please contact:
Truong Thanh Que Minh (Ms) – Senior Event Coordinator, TRG International
Tel: 08 3823 6900, Ext: 301


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