Webinar - Tissue Banking Industry Growth - Potential from Emerging Markets, India and China

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Date Mar 16, 2016
Time 10:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
Enabling quality successful future research and contributing to the growing evolution of regenerative medicine in any form is the primary aid enjoyed by the tissue banking market. Players are increasingly aiming at being able to collect heightened quantities of tissues including skin, bones, heart valves, tendons or others. Such one success story is how “The Breast Cancer Now” Organization from the U.K. recently celebrated 10,000 donors. Such revolutionary projects are happening globally with India and China being the most potential regions according to IndustryARC studies.

Healthy GDP’s and striving technologists from China and India are working to reduce the ill-effects of medical mishaps and increase the benefits out of the collected stem cell samples. The focus is to bridge the gap between the dream and reality of being able to eradicate shortage issues while a patient would need donated tissues. Tissue banking industry continues to dwell while resolving numerous issues of critical short falls of stored tissues.

Potential regions like India and China are attempting to create unique facilities in order to secure the evolution in bio banking technology for future generations. Another key to the evolution in tissue banking market is the driven government funding. What do IndustryARC experts conclude from analyzing the potential emerging regional markets of Tissue Banking Scope?
  • Immense growth rates of India are expected to reach one among the top positions with China leading the survey.
  • Tough competition between China and the U.S.A for overtaking domestic banking sector sizes in the coming decade is expected to rise.
  • India and China together could hold more than 30-40% of the global banking assets in the coming couple of decades.

There is a global awareness rising regarding the importance of able companies storing and using samples which will overall have a huge influence on the predicted revenue of the world lifesciences and medical industry.

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