Insolvent IP Webinar: The Basics of IP

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 5, 2017
Time 07:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Insolvent IP Webinar: The Basics of IP

We are delighted to invite you to the first in a series of FREE webinars on intellectual property assets in distress and insolvency.

It is critical for insolvency professionals in the current economic environment to seek to maximise the return to creditors from as many avenues as possible. An often overlooked area to gain more value from your cases is intellectual property (“IP”). IP assets can hold significant value – often eclipsing tangible assets’ value.

We have seen a dramatic rise in the insolvency of software and web-based entities, and this webinar will guide you through maximising value in these cases as well as those involving brands, trade marks, patents, designs and customer data.

The first session will cover:

* A brief guide to the most common IP assets encountered in insolvent and distressed scenarios
* Guidance on identification of IP assets such as brands, trade marks, patents, data, domain names, software, and web content
* Examples of the value IP assets can have in insolvency
* Tips, tricks and insolvency-specific implications to watch out for in order to preserve and maximise IP asset value

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