Sales and Use Tax - Best Practices

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Date Jun 22, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
This webinar will explore the origins of the sales and use tax, explore how and when it applies, and discuss ways to legally minimize (or even eliminate) liability. 
Sales and use tax is among the most complex areas of accounting compliance for professionals. Given that each state regulates the tax in its own way, companies that operate in multiple states have a detailed (and sometimes costly) tax accountant training. 
Additionally, the use tax audit process is often misunderstood, misapplied, and overpaid. Tax best practices for dealing with a sales tax audit will also be explored in the webinar.
Why Should You Attend
Most companies do not have a good handle on the sales and use tax compliance requirements in the states where they do business. States are becoming increasingly complex as to what constitutes a “substantial business presence” and therefore, the need to register and remit sales tax. Use tax is an even more complex area, and compliance is around 20%. The ultimate weapon states have at their disposal is the sales and use tax audit, which consumes staff time and resources. State auditors can sometimes be aggressive, even when no liability is ultimately proven.
Areas Covered in this Webinar
Cover the essentials you need to know as an accounts payable professional responsible for collecting and remitting sales and use tax
Detail the lesser-known scenarios that cause many states to determine that you need to register and remit sales tax
Describe how best to measure cost basis for the use tax so that your company does not overpay
Discuss how best to handle a sales and use tax audit so that you’re fully prepared, and able to minimize staff time and resources
Discuss the concept of reciprocity and how you can use it to minimize (or even eliminate) use tax liability
Learning Objectives
The Origin of the Sales and Use Tax
Nexus - Determining Whether You Should Register in a Given State for Sales Tax Purposes
The Use Tax - Cost Basis and Ensuring You Don’t Overpay
Reciprocity Agreements - How States Give You Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State
The Sales and Use Tax Audit - Don’t Panic…..Be Prepared!
The “Absorption” Concept - How to Use the Sales Tax as a Competitive Pricing Tool (Where Legal)
How Your Advertising Expenses Can Inadvertently Cause You to Owe Sales Tax!
Sales and Use Tax Best Practices
Who Will Benefit
Tax Managers
Accounting Managers
Compliance Managers
Risk Managers
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