5 Key Tips for Superior Risk-based AML Compliance

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Date Jun 27, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
The speaker will specifically address the need for a strong customer risk assessment (Know Your Customer), monitoring of transactions, monitoring and reviews of business relationships on an ongoing basis and the need for awareness of higher risk factors with business customers.  We will discuss the concept of de-risking with respect to business portfolios.  We will also cover some of the challenges with a risk-based approach.
Why Should You Attend
Regulatory scrutiny on AML compliance is more pronounced than ever and regulators are looking for institutions to take a risk-based approach.  Lack of proper oversight with respect to AML can lead to serious consequences – reputation damage, fines, changes in business practices, inability to pursue new lines of business etc.  Not taking a risk-based approach could lead to missed revenue opportunities.
Attending this webinar will provide participants with tools to ensure they take a proper risk-based approach to AML compliance to meet regulatory requirements and protect their portfolios
Areas Covered in this Webinar
We will cover the following areas:
What a risk-based approach means
The value of having a risk-based approach
Transaction monitoring best practices
Know Your Customer best practices
Ongoing monitoring for risk
Higher risk customers and best practices for managing them
Common higher risk customer categories
De-risking and reasons for avoiding that approach
Challenges to a risk-based approach
Learning Objectives
Participants will learn:
The value of developing a risk-based approach for AML
Best practices for KYC (Know Your Customer) and transaction monitoring
What de-risking is and how to avoid it
Who Will Benefit
Risk and compliance officers in financial institutions and payment providers
Product managers
Operational managers
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