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Date Jul 2, 2017
Time 12:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Sales Incentives plays a pivotal role in achievement of sales targets.

The challenge is how to structure these incentives that will motivate your sales team to work beyond routine productivity and also work as an opportunity to drive more sales.  
Joint this Free Exclusive Webinar to help you find out the powerful ways of providing incentives to your sales team. Mr. Sanjay Singh is a nationally reputed sales coach whose strategies has helped many brands and SMEs on overall sales management and productivity.

In this webinar, Sanjay will share most powerful methods of incentives and share his knowledge on mostly asked questions below.
  • How much should we budget for sales incentives?
  • If the company is not earning, from where will the incentives, be paid? 
  • Should the incentive be redeemed along with salary?
  • What if the sales does not go up and yet we are forced to pay incentives?
  • What is the Bell Curve phenomenon in sales incentive? 
What are the good things in a Sales Incentive Structure?
  • Every member of the team should be able to win it and hence try for it.
  • The hope to win the incentive should not die before the month ends.
  • The average productivity of the sales team should go up.


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