Rolling Forecasts vs. Traditional Budgeting

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Date Aug 17, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Key Take Away
This budgeting and forecasting training outlines the critical differences and advantages of rolling forecasts over traditional budgeting.
Traditional budgeting has been overtaken by the constantly changing events as is currently outdated and irrelevant for the following reasons:
·         Too time consuming
·         Based on assumptions that may not be valid
·         Focuses on past events not future possibilities
·         Creates a “use it” or “lose it” mentality
·         Restricts creative thinking in resource management
Rolling forecasts are the wave of the future.  They are rapidly replacing traditional budgeting.    It challenges finance personnel to think outside the box and embrace the advantage of rolling forecasts.
Why Should You Attend
The current technology driven turbulent business environment present many challenges to business manager.  One primary challenge is the ability to predict and plan for the future which is unexpectedly unpredictable.  Changes are constant.  Companies struggle to find ways to find manage resources and find ways to thrive and survive in this turbulent business environment.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
This Webinar will focus on:
·         Using key business drivers and cast to influence and impact the future
·         Why rolling forecasts are critical in today’s turbulent environment
·         Definition of key business drivers as the basis for rolling forecasts
·         The relevance of cash as key business driver
·         The core components of rolling forecasts
·         The use of technology
·         Simple techniques to make it happen.  From dashboards to driver based forecasts
·         Simple samples and exercises to reinforce teaching points
·         Using “What If” analogies to validate forecasts
·         Benefits of rolling forecasts
·         Pitfalls to prevent
·         Selling the culture changes to make rolling forecasts acceptable
Learning Objectives
·         Why rolling forecasts are critical in today’s turbulent and constantly changing environment
·         The five core components of rolling forecasts with simple explanations and exercise to reinforce the learning points
·         The use of key business drivers and cash to influence and impact the future
·         The role and use of technology in rolling forecasts
·         How to use “What If” analogies to validate rolling forecasts
·         How to focus on future possibilities rather than past events to manage resources
·         How to move from data based budgeting to driver passed forecasting as the foundation for resource allocation and utilization
Who Will Benefit
·         Business Managers/Owners
·         Entrepreneurs
·         Financial/Business Analysts
·         CAO & CFO
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