TIN Matching to Reduce Your B-Notices and Eliminate Proposed Penalties

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Date Sep 25, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Key Take Away
Join us for this content-rich session and you will gain the tools to make you the most effective information return manager your company has ever seen.
Attend this IRS compliance training and – 
·         Learn the best practices for eliminating 1099 error notices from the IRS.  
·         Discover the power of the TIN Matching system. 
·         Understand the difference between and 1st and 2nd B-Notice and the related differences in required vendor responses. 
Why Should You Attend
How do you know your vendor’s W-9’s are correct?  What are the consequences of filing incorrect name and ID numbers on their 1099’s? In just 90 minutes, you can begin to develop a solid plan to move your company toward near absolute regulatory compliance, efficiency improvements, standardized processes, & adequate documentation to ensure your 1099’s contain accurate information that will agree with the IRS’s records.  You will all but eliminate your B-Notices from the IRS!
Areas Covered In This Webinar
Do you know the answers to these questions?
·         Starter question: What is TIN Matching?
·         Who must request access to the TIN Matching system?
·         How do we register to use the system?
·         Once registered, how does the TIN Match system work?
·         What are the best practices for managing 1099 reporting requirements?
·         How do we address vendors/payees who report incorrect information on their W-4’s?
·         B-Notices:  when I receive a letter from the IRS stating I have incorrect names/TINS on my 1099s, what actions must I take and how soon?
·         What if I receive a Notice of Proposed Penalty?
·         What are the Reasonable Cause provisions and how do I apply them to a penalty notice?
Learning Objectives
·         Learn how to handle the CP-2100 notices from Uncle Sam and avoid the fines & penalties for failure to timely comply with the B-Notice requirements. 
·         Be sure you institute and stop Backup Withholding when required.
Who Will Benefit
·         CFOs
·         Controllers
·         Compliance Managers
·         Compliance Officers
·         Accounting Managers
·         Information Reporting Officers
·         Tax Managers
·         Bank Managers
·         Internal Auditors
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