Regulation E Vs. The ACH Rules

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Date Sep 12, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
Key Take Away
This session explores areas where the Regulation E and the ACH Rules don’t always align and provides handling recommendations.
Financial institutions often find themselves in a position of trying to determine appropriate actions when Regulation E and the ACH Rules don’t align or appear contradictory. This could put an institution in compliance with one and out of compliance with the other.
Why Should You Attend
Interpretations of Federal Regulation E, known as the consumer protection regulation, change and those changes sometimes places stress on financial institutions who are trying to apply the regulation to daily ACH processing and returns. This ACH compliance webinar analyzes areas where the two don’t align and where one provides stronger protections and more obligations than the other so an institutions’ internal procedures are comprehensive enough to manage all obligations and avoid regulatory scrutiny.
Areas Covered In This Webinar
·         Terminology
·         Error Resolution
·         Documentation
·         Statements
·         Stop Payments
·         Unauthorized debit
·         Revoked Authorization
·         Consumer vs. Business SEC’s
·         Recurring TEL
·         Responsibility / liability
Learning Objectives
·         Review intent and focus of Regulation E
·         Review intent and focus of the ACH Rules
·         Analyze situations where Regulation E and the ACH Rules do not align
·         Determine appropriate responses and procedures to manage risk and loss
Who Will Benefit
·         Financial institutions
·         Operations
·         Frontline / Customer Service personnel 
·         Internal Auditors
·         Risk Officers 
·         Director of Security
·         Compliance Professionals
·         Operational Risk professionals
·         CFO / Finance Professionals
·         Audit Committee Members
·         Operations Risk Managers
·         Departmental Managers
·         Information Security
·         Information Technology
·         Fraud Investigators
·         Trainers 
·         Branch managers
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