The future for the water industry post-PR19

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Date Nov 20, 2017
Time 07:00 AM EDT
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Taking advantage of the power of data to deepen customer engagement from 2020 and beyond.


Ian Rule, Director of Wholesale Services, Anglian Water
Simon Oates, Chief Customer Officer, Southern Water
David Elliott, Group Director of Strategy and New Markets, Wessex Water
Liam Beard, Utilities Development Manager, Vodafone

With the recent release of Ofwat's methdology for PR19, the future direction of the water industry after 2020 is starting to become clearer. The increased use of markets across the value chain is a key part of this agenda, meaning there will need to be signifigant changes to the way that water companies currently operate. 

Key to prospering in this new competitive environment will be making effective use of new technology and the growing body of data that water companies hold. Building operational structures that empower staff to make use of this data will allow water companies to deliver a more reliable and responsive service for customers in the new competitive world.

This webinar will discuss what the post-PR19 landscape will look like, how water companies can start to prepare for this shift, and how they can make the best use of data and technology to build a truly customer-focused organisation. 
  • How are customer expectations of water companies evolving beyond the supplier relationship
  • PR19: how will the key principles be realised in the way the water industry functions? 
  • In what ways could the Water 2020 programme increase competition across the water market? 
  • What new challenges will this more competitive environment create for existing water companies? 
  • How can water companies start to deepen their customer engagement in preparation for PR19? 
  • What technological innovations can help to facilitate this customer-focused approach? 
  • Ensuring that water companies have the operational structure in place to deliver on this potential 
  • Achieving resilience in waste and drinking water: how can you ensure there are no disruptions to customers
  • What sources of data do water companies have available on performance? 
  • The power of data: how can water companies ensure that data underpins decision-making
  • How can individuals across the value chain be empowered by data and technology
  • Building a retail market: how viable is it to open up domestic supply to competition

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