The Future of Work

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Date Dec 13, 2017
Time 07:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Leading organisations into the future: from the rise of the robots to the growth of the gig economy.

Have you heard the one about the robot that stole your job? Well the reality is that the future of work is much more than just automation. Gain insight from across different sectors as to how the speed of improvement in AI technology is transforming what is possible, along with how work culture is changing for everyone.
  • From customer support to recruitment: how will AI transform the workplace?
  • To what extent will robotics principally support or replace staff?
  • What skills will be needed in an automated landscape?
  • How might data and analytics transform recruitment, reporting and workflow?
  • How will culture and company structures need to adapt?
  • Forecasting the future of free-lance work: understanding the impact of the gig economy
  • What challenges and opportunities will arise from the gig economy?
  • Maintaining high levels of customer service: ensuring high levels of personalisation

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar
Vinay Parmar
, Customer & Digital Experience Director, National Express
Glen Clarke, Head of Transformational Propositions, Allianz

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