Preparing for 2018 payroll – An Overview of Federal and State Legislative Changes, Court Decisions, and all activities that affects Payroll Management

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Date Mar 13, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159
Being prepared for 2018 means closing out 2017 properly, AND making necessary updates to your automated payroll systems prior to the 1st pay period in 2018. Prior to preparing 4th qtr returns, year end information returns, and accounting entries, you MUST reconcile the year’s activity. In this webinar you will learn how to reconcile payroll, how to properly fill out year end returns, and when to file them. We will go over all announced changes to tax rates, wage limits, and legislative announcements. We will highlight important State and Local changes, and inform you where to look for other updates. If done properly, you won’t be asking to “stop the clock” in order to make last minute changes.
Pay period to pay period, payroll can be routine. Overreliance on automated systems leads to a variety of errors that, if not caught in time, can lead to penalties, interest and other negative consequences. While accounting departments ‘stop the clock” in order to reconcile, adjust and prepare financial statements; payroll does not have this luxury. Hence, being prepared well in advance of year end can help ensure a smooth year to year transition.
  • Major updates for 2018 from the IRS and other agencies.
  • Status of the affordable care act
  • New FICA Wage limits
  • Minimum wage updates
  • State unemployment insurance rates
  • Minimum salary requirements to be exempt from overtime
  • Specific steps on how to efficiently reconcile pay periods to qtrly returns, and qtrly returns to year end forms and information returns.
  • What to keep an eye out for in 2018 And Much, Much more
  • 2018 Tax Rates and Wage Limit Changes
  • Recap of important 2017 changes (the ACA, New Overtime Rules, ETC}
  • New legislation announce by the IRS
  • Major State and Local legislative changes
  • How to reconcile 2017 payroll returns and ledgers.
  • How to properly process year end bonuses, fringe benefits, travel pay, etc.
  • Suggestions for preparing your payroll system for 2018 by the 1st pay period.
  • Payroll staff and managers
  • Accounting staff
  • Accounts payable managers
  • HR staff and management
  • IT support staff
Mark Schwartz is an employment tax specialist and has over 15 years of employment tax experience as an independent consultant and as a payroll tax auditor with the State of California. He has managed an audit caseload of 20 ongoing audits, from small home-based businesses to large multi-national corporations. 

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