Accounting for Income Taxes – A Timely Refresher and Update

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 1, 2018
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $199.00
  • The balance sheet approach to accounting for income taxes
  • The handling (from creation to write-off) of deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities
  • Need for a valuation account in certain circumstances
  • Specific examples of differences – temporary and permanent
  • Special topics such as accounting for net operating losses, multiple tax rates etc.
  • AMT
Attendees will take away valuable information such as: 
  • Knowledge of the balance sheet approach for accounting for income taxes.
  • A historical accounting for why the profession changed from an income statement approach to the balance sheet approach.
  • A complete understanding of what are deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities.
  • A grasp of the difference between temporary differences and permanent differences. 
  • Circumstances that require use of a valuation account. 
  • Accounting for current provision
  • Accounting for deferred provision 
  • Temporary difference and how they “turn around” or reverse
  • Permanent difference and how they are ignored for deferred tax purposes
  • Net operating losses – carry backs, carry forwards
  • Tax rate considerations
  • Future rates/revisions of future rates
  • Special issues
  • Multiple temporary differences
  • Multiple tax rates
  • AMT
  • Intra-period tax allocation
  • The historical problems associated with accounting for income taxes.
  • How the balance sheet approach dramatically changed income tax accounting.
  • The fundamentals surrounding the accounting for income taxes. 
  • Future activities and their impact on deferred tax assets and/or liabilities.
  • The different handling of temporary differences and permanent differences. 
  • The creation of deferred tax balance sheet accounts.
  • Need for a valuation account when it is more likely than not that the net deferred tax asset will not be realized in full.
  • Basic provisions of SFAS 109 (ASC 740-10).
  • Tax accountants 
  • Auditors – internal 
  • Auditors – external 
  • Senior management 
  • CPAs – External 
  • Financial statement preparers
  • Financial statement reviewers
  • Controllers’ personnel
  • Directors
  • Audit committee members
  • Treasury personnel
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