Human Factors Engineering in New Product Development

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Date May 2, 2018
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
This Session by expert speaker Tom Kramer will address the integration of human factors into all the phases of product life cycle. Tom will define human factors engineering and its role in the success of new product development. You will be able to understand what human factors work is, why it is important, how/where it fits into the development process. This session will help you understand the value of human factors activities, how to execute them on your projects, and how your development work will be more innovative as a result. Tom will use real world examples to demonstrate how human factors engineering makes a significant impact on the ability to innovate when developing a new device, and how these activities are important in your regulatory submission and successful user adoption.
Human Factors Engineering is extremely integral to user/market adoption. Getting a product to market is difficult whether you are a struggling start-up or an established original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Understanding some of the tools available on the front end of product development might help you avoid downstream problems, before they become time and money wasters. Human Factors Engineering is one such tool. Human Factors Engineering will consider issues such as how people interact with your device so that the product is used correctly-every single time. It may include building in safe guards that prevent misuse, especially important with devices used in life and death environments. This webinar will address the integration of human factors into all phases of product life cycle.
  • What is human factors engineering?
  • What role does human factors engineering play in the product development cycle?
  • How do you implement it in your product development plan?
This Webinar will define Human Factors Engineering and its Role in the success of New Product Development. The Session will use real world examples to demonstrate how Human Factors Engineering makes a significant difference.
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Managers and Directors of R&D
  • VPs of R&D
  • Program managers
  • Product Marketing Personnel
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