Q&A: What is a Customer Intelligence Platform?

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Date Jun 28, 2018
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
In March 2018, Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research coined the enterprise software category Customer Intelligence Platforms or CIPs for short. CIPs are designed to bring all customer data together, derive intelligence on that data and provide an actionable 360 view for all users. But what is a CIP exactly? And how can it be utilized by banks, insurers, retailers and others to address initiatives such as marketing transformation, customer experience, and risk and compliance?

In this webinar Dave Corrigan, CEO of AllSight, will answer all these and address your questions.
-What is a CIP and why is it needed?
-How is a CIP different from other data management solutions?
-What components make up a CIP? - What other data domains can be managed in a CIP? -What challenges and use cases can a CIP address?
-What criteria should be considered when selecting a CIP?

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