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Date Jul 17, 2018
Time 08:00 AM EDT
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In February 2018 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released long-awaited guidelines for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones. Despite many skeptics' earlier expectations of stringent laws that would essentially ground the drone industry in the United States, these proposed regulations, which include height restrictions and licensing requirements, are pragmatic and will undoubtedly lead to growth and innovation.

The announcement has unleashed a wave of predictions about the future of the technology, which has already proven valuable in agriculture, environmental conservation, retail, 3-D surveying, search-and-rescue, and agriculture. Its clear drones will soon become ubiquitous. As critical as drones will become to contemporary life, there has been little discussion about their potential to impact physical security, law enforcement and urban planning..

This Webinar is the Beginning of that Discussion

Epiphany Surveillance Operations and Perimeter Management Solution, provides unmanned aerial surveillance (Actionable Intelligence), surface surveillance (cameras and smart sensors), real time GeoLocation system that tracks the target, the ground forces, mobile command and the UAV. 

Epiphany Operations integrates drones and smart sensors to provide continuous actionable intelligence. The solution delivers real time communications across the operation to management, command, ground forces, employees, law enforcement, first responders and contractors on a single dashboard that's tailored to the viewer’s role, responsibilities, and location.


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