Excel Beyond Numbers – Tame Lists and Tabular Data

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Aug 8, 2018
Time 05:00 PM EDT
Cost $7672.00
If you think that Excel is all about working with numbers, then think again. More and more people are turning to Excel to help them to manage list-based and tabular data.
In many cases they receive, download or import data from elsewhere and before that data can be used within their business and treated as a credible source of information, it needs be seriously checked and cleaned – duplicate entries, non-printing characters, extra spaces and capitalisation inconsistencies are all-too-often present in downloaded and imported data. In this session, you’ll learn how to deal with and fix all these issues.
You’ll also learn about managing list and tabular based data in terms of sorting (into different orders), applying and saving filters (that let you display only certain items) and summarising with Pivot Tables.
If you import, download or simply manage list-based or tabular-based data in Excel and you want to learn some best practice techniques for working with this type of data, this session is for you.

Areas Covered in the Session :
  • Sorting a column or row of items into order
  • Sorting a list of date-based items into order
  • Filtering a list to display only certain items
  • Saving a filter for re-use
  • The benefits of Tables
  • Summarizing a list with Pivot Tables and Subtotal Reports
  • Cleaning up imported/downloaded data
  • Importing and linking to non-Excel data

Who Should Attend:There’s nothing particularly advanced about the features covered in this session so even if all you’ve ever done is opened an existing Excel workbook and looked at the data, if you want to know how to manage lists in Excel, then this webinar is for you.
The training will be delivered using Excel 2016 for Windows although much of the functionality is available in earlier versions of Excel.


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