Total Quality Auditing - Earn CPE!

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Date Dec 31, 2018
Time 05:00 AM EDT
Cost $120.00
W. Edwards Deming, the founding father of the Total Quality Management (TQM) movement, said you cannot “inspect in” quality.  Well, I am here to say you cannot “audit in” ethical conduct, adherence to good standards of conduct, good culture, governance, risk management, and internal controls, or compliance with laws and regulations.  And you cannot “consult in” satisfying customers, improving productivity, and eliminating waste.

My Total Quality Auditing – or TQA – concept was born based on my research of the successful TQM movement.  It is a simple concept, that starts with one idea: Internal Audit functions should complement their traditional, required activities with an active role in the organization culture itself.  It is all about being a proactive audit function, not a reactive one. 

In this 12 part webinar series, you will learn how to apply the TQM concept to become Total Quality AUDITORS.  You will begin to see that you ARE an essential part of your organization.  The TQA objective is to change organization culture, leadership, and practices of audit functions.  Audit needs to find solutions to problems in different and more effective ways, and I will provide a plethora of “ah-ha” moments to help you implement needed change.  Each month we will explore one of the six TQA points of focus for organization and audit excellence.  Take one hour out of every month, to learn and earn 12 CPE credits.  


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