Economic Freedom & Political Freedom: The Relationship after the Arab Spring

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Date Dec 15, 2018
Time 08:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Dr Nouh ElHarmouzi
Nouh Elharmouzi is Editor of the Arabic- language news and analysis site of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation / Cato Institute (USA) and university professor at Ibn Toufail University in Kenitra, Morocco. He is also Director of the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies in Morocco. He served as a university professor for five years at Paul Cézanne University in France, teaching Economic Development Theories and Economic Philosophy and Thought. His main research focus is on institutional dynamics, ideological beliefs, and their relationship with the process of development. He published many articles and research papers in various periodicals and wrote “Underdevelopment in the Arab-Muslim world: what is the role of non-formal institutions?”.

#liberty #economic #freedom #political #arab #islam #muslim


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