Mindselo Webinars: Cultivating Emotional & Social Intelligence for a better life

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jul 20, 2021
Time 06:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

Mindselo is India's fastest-growing personal growth company that seeks to transform Ideas into wisdom. Mindselo Webinars is an initiative to address the need of the 21st-century topics that our education system forgot to teach us and have the vision to impact 1 million people by the end of the year 2021.

Mindselo Webinars: Cultivating Emotional & Social Intelligence For A Better Life

In this virtual webinar series, you'll learn insights on cultivating emotional and social intelligence to redefine your life and succeed on your terms. It's a chapter of life that no one talks about. This webinar will give you a set of tools and experiences to build these skills and thrive. Upon your active participation, you'll be awarded a certificate to add value to your profile/portfolio.

We are providing real-life education and bringing the life values into the light again and helping you make alignment with your inner and outer world, we deliver value education and are dedicated to bringing the best of you from you. Our ultimate vision is to push humanity forward by working on the future education that is SDGs 4.


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