RISE: Transform trauma into Sovereign Power, Soulful Purpose, and Sacred Pleasure - World Summit.

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Date Aug 21, 2021
Time 05:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
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This online event brings together over 30 world-class experts who will share with you the best ways to heal from trauma, rise above your wounds, and transform your life into what you know it can be. You're worth it!

Discover the secret to thrive with the experts Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Christy Whitman, Tracy Malone and many more.

You’ll hear EXACTLY what they’re doing to help people rise, transform trauma and thrive.

If you’re serious about living your full potential, this is the must-attend event of the year. Not only will you be exposed to ancient wisdom and revolutionary ways to heal, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect in real time with some of the most innovative and cutting-edge leaders in healing and transformation and receive their gracious gifts too. (1000’s of $ in value for you there!)


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