Looking for the Love of your Life?

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Date Oct 22, 2013
Time 07:30 PM EDT
Cost $39.99
Don't spend another day alone. Master the foolproof method to finding the right life partner for you.

NIX THE LIST & ROLL THE DICE! Guide to Choosing the Right Mate! 

Most of us looking for love can agree that we have an extensive check list in what it is we want in a person. It starts with a list that’s full of requirements that are hard to find and qualities that may not be so lasting. It’s no surprise that 56% of marriages end up in divorce. We focus on the wrong qualities such as someone’s looks and socioeconomic status and as a result many of us end up alone or with someone who is not compatible.
Looks are a fleeting commodity and fade with time. Let’s face it, time isn’t necessarily kind to a lot of people. And, socioeconomics can change in matter of seconds. So, what requirements are we really using to choose a life partner? Do you know what really makes a relationship work long term? Do you know what qualities you need in a mate?  
Physical attraction and chemistry are important in the first 7 seconds, but it’s not those superficial qualities that matter long term. What makes someone a good mate is character. It’s what they do and how they do it that will show us if we've picked the right one. But how do we evaluate someone’s character when most people put on a good game and show us only their representatives?
There is a method to help you and it’s called D.I.C.E. 
It will save you time and heartbreak and help you choose the right one for you.

Nix the List and Roll the D.I.C.E Webinar:
 vWhat does D.I.C.E. Mean? 
 vUnderstand the D.I.C.E. Method. 
 vDiscover how to apply the rules of D.I.C.E.
 vLearn how to evaluate someone’s character.
 vLearn how to cut through the nonsense and determine who the person really is underneath.
 vLearn how to gauge what the person will be like in the future.
 vDiscover how to determine what kind of life you can expect to have with a person.
Before you decide to go on that second date or forgive someone for something they did or before you walk down the aisle, ask yourself, is my mate D.I.C.E.? Dependable? Inspiring? Complementary? Enhancing? 


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