Free Fiverr Training Webinar on 02/05/2022

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 5, 2022
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

Hello, I am Susan. For a while now I have worked on Fiverr and those who know me know that I have hustled for a while since 2020 while still in campus. The advantage with this platform is that you can even land a permanent job and to that effect, I have attached a screenshot. I opened a new Fiverr account to show people just how much you can build a Fiverr account from scratch and actually get a job even in less than a month.

Most people don’t get jobs even for a whole year and some believe adding a review(s) is everything and so they add a review and still never get jobs. Those who have undergone my training and completed know how much a pool of tips contribute. Sadly, most have been unable to crack the Fiverr algorithm and yet, nobody even trains about it. I am the first one. I have been training about it and even gone to colleges to mentor on the same after which a mass of students apply and start working.

I created a new account that is just 2 months old and has even gotten me a permanent job with Orison Ltd in Belgium this same year and have been working for several others with a monthly salary. kindly fill in your details on the link provided to get notified as the webinar is near. Let’s get you started on a free platform that pays on your own terms and get to work for great and big companies. We all need that exposure to the outside world. WhatsApp me for more information.


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