Positive Corporate Stress

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 24, 2013
Time 02:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Reducing workplace stress is a critical necessity for organisations today. Described as the '21st century epidemic' and reported to affect 80% of adults, stress can derail even the most successful individuals and organisations if it is not properly managed. However, leading research now indicates that some level of stress is actually beneficial for individual and organisational performance.

So where does 'helpful' stress end, and 'harmful' stress begin?

How can we learn to channel stress energy and become more effectual?

In this session with Positive Psychology expert, Olivia Wallis, you will learn about the positive aspects of stress and how it can be useful for both organisations and employees when it is channelled and managed effectively. When handled effectively, positive stress can bring substantial rewards for individuals and organisations. Join us for this invitational open webinar and learn how you can unlock this tremendous potential.


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